Bardins Jewellers

About Bardins

Our rich history

A short history of Bardins Jewellers.


Bardins opens its doors in Mossel Bay

Mr Bardin was a Russian immigrant who opened the first gift shop in Mossel Bay.


Jewellery as main focus

Mr Bonthuys bought the gift shop from Mr Bardin’s daughter for his wife, Mrs Cornelia Susan Bonthuys.

Mrs Bonthuys had the foresight to change it from a gift shop to a jewellery store. She moved the shop from its original premises in Cuff Street to the Marsh Street in the late 1960’s.


Next generation

Mrs Bonthuys’ oldest daughter Sue (Susanna) Bonthuys joined her in the company.


Expansion to George

Mrs Bonthuys youngest daughter Marie Bonthuys opened their first branch in George, in Hibernia Street.


Michael Furness joins

Sue Bonthuys married Michael Furness, who joined the company not long after. They had their only son, Mark Furness, in 1983.


Further expansion in Mossel Bay

The Furness family opened a small shop in the Mosselbaai Mall, now known as the Heiderand Mall.


Mark-E Jewellers opens

They closed the George branch, and opened up Mark-E in Langeberg Mall, which is run by Sue and Michael Furness’ son, Mark Furness.


Brand new premises

Bardins Jewellery moved their main store from Marsh street to their new premises in the Heiderand Mall, where they are still to this day.

Mrs Bonthuys, who was the matriarch of Bardins, passed away in 2013 and left her legacy in her daughter, Sue’s, hands. They have both strived to make Bardins the household name it is in Mossel Bay, and kept the Bardins legacy going. In 2019, Mrs Sue Furness passed away, and was joined by her husband Michael Furness in 2021. They left their son Mark Furness, and sister Marie Fransess to keep the Bardins name going.


The Legacy Continues

Mark Furness’ wife, Giovanna, joined the family business in the hope to keep it going for the 4th generation for their two children, Michael and Olivia Furness.