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Comprehensive jewellery services

We understand the significance of caring for your heirlooms.

Jewellery Manufacturing

Let our Expert Goldsmith and Jewellery designers be part of making your dream custom jewellery piece.

We will guide you on your custom jewellery journey, in helping with design, choosing the right type of metals and stones. We aim to reflect your own individual personality in every piece we make.

Jewellery valuations


As local and world markets changes, so do our value on our Luxury items we all have. Let us help you keep up to date with replacement values on all your pieces old and new.

Jewellery Repairs

These are some of your specialised repairs:

Ring making
watch repairs

Watch Repairs

We carry out minor repairs at our in-house workshop, where we change batteries with a one year warranty, glass repairs, changing of straps metal and leather, as well as small movement repairs.

We however send out major repair works to the brand office of your specific watch.